My Oil flows into thy heart,
My wick is set to keep My Light burning bright.
I fill thy cup with pure water of Life
I feed thee my manna with Love.

My oil keeps thy light always shining
and thy enemy cannot enter,
for I Am the doorkeeper of thy heart.
I Am the caretaker of thy mind, body and soul.
Nothing can harm thee, for you are Mine alone.

My oil burns bright and hot for you long after Me,
searching for Me all the day long.
I am thy Love, thy very own, I will never forsake
thee, never leave thee alone.
I will not let thy enemy overtake thee, I place my guard
over thee, for you remain in the center of my arms.

My Oil flows into thy lamp, for you desire My oil
above all else, there is joy overflowing thy soul,
peace in thy Spirit where I reside keeping the door
of thy heart for I alone abide inside.