I believe there is a wonderful God, who gave us his only Son.
I believe they lead us as one, with the Holy Spirit as our guide.
I believe they will give us our gifts, so we desire to know them better,
leading others on a path where they can learn from them.

I believe all things both great and small are in their hands,
I believe Jesus came to give his life for every nation,
every man, woman and child.
I believe in Jesus as my LORD, who saves me from all evil within
my heart or mind.

I believe Jesus is a living Savior soon to return, to rapture those who
are watching for Him. I believe Jesus desires a walk with all of us,
teaching us about his heart of pure love.
I believe there is much work to do, for each one who walks with him.

I believe Jesus seeks all who are lost to return them into his fold,
keeping them safe from harm which our enemy’s have planned.
I believe what Jesus has said, written down in the Bible for me to
read. I believe in all they are, God the Father, Jesus His Son,
with the Holy Spirit which guides us in their love.