I gave water a babbling sound

so you may relax

with closed eyes,

hearing beauty and being filled

with wonder of each

flowing sound.

I gave water a clear surface

to remind you

while looking at thyself,

you would call back

in remembrance,

I created you in my image.

I gave water a clear cool taste,

so every drink of my water

would replenishes life in you.

Reminding you

of my living water,

which bubbles up to overflow

inside thy spirit,

while drinking of my spiritual water

from above.

I gave water many voices

as you listened

you heard waves crashing

or sounds of rain upon thy roof,

you might remember

I talk with you in gentleness,

or with a stern voice.

I gave water all these sounds

just reminding you

I AM thy Lord and thy Savior

who gives life to you

through my mercy and my grace.