Sweet peace rest upon thee in the deepest part of thy heart, touching every fear, removing every doubt. Sweet peace rest in the confines of my arms; take therefore my peace, let sweet peace rest upon thee.

Sweet peace rest upon thee let it flow into the deepest well of thy heart, lifting up thy head in perfect love for our Father above. Let my sweet peace take away all false ways, lies and deceptions, for in me rest pure perfection of wisdom, joy, love with mercy everlasting.

Sweet peace rest upon thee, as my oil of gladness is poured out from the essence of my heart with my rejoicing love. Hold unto my peace within thy soul walking into the deepest knowledge of revelation visions with purity of truth.

Sweet peace from my heart is flowing down to thee, saying give it all to me, for I Am is peace everlasting to those seeking my Spirit of Holy Righteousness. Know with assurance of my word I Am the only peace on earth, for nothing else gives peace as my peace I give unto thee.

Hold thyself up in love to me, letting my peace flow like a river over thy soul, as you begin to feel me as part of thy heart, loving you through the ages of all time. Come unto me, my love, my heart, my bride, let my sweet peace rest upon thee.