My Precious Heavenly LORD JESUS,
may I find Grace in thine Eyes Oh Lord,
may I be a pleasing vessel filled with Thy Holy Spirit, walking in the purity of Thy love.
May I find you Lord  guiding me through out this day, doing what your will says I may do.

O My precious Lord Jesus,
I am but a child in Thine eyes longing to please thee in every area of my heart.
May I feel your touch upon my cheek, from the brush of Thy Sweet Lips?
May I feel your hand holding mine, as you guide me through time?
May I feel your heart beating inside of my heart, as I pray seeking to find
you as the Lord and Master of my life.

O Precious Lord Jesus there is nothing I need here that you
alone do not supply, for you own everything watching over us all.

I wish to be a pleasing vessel unto honor for thee Lord Jesus, so
all people everywhere will see your light shine through me.
I love thee oh Lord Jesus, I long for thy touch,I love hearing you speak to me.

May I hear thy sweet loving voice each day upon this earth?
I will praise thee Lord from the depths of my soul, I will wait quietly for Thee and Thee alone.
May I please thee Lord Jesus? What would you have me to do?
I will give to you my body as a vessel to use, filling me with thy compassion, with thy beautiful Holy Spirit that dwells in each of those known by you.

May I be a vessel filled to overflow always thinking to lift up others in
prayers I lift up to you. God, Bless all those who are searching to please you, looking for your
return.  Hold me Lord Jesus in thy breast of Love, helping me to be
a pleasing vessel full of pure love for Thee. Amen.