We talk about having faith as a subject not really thinking of faith as a deep trusting relationship with the Lord. Faith in ways we believe help us to overcome things which may come against us; but how do we stand firm upon the faith we have? Listening and gathering information from family or friends are ways which can strengthen our faith. Several kind of things have taken place in their lives, so we may truly learn from them. This can help us become stronger in our faith, in our belief God is helping with whatever we may have need of.

I would like to speak about the kind of faith I have grown in to overcome the enemy. I do not like to speak about myself, for I am nothing but a person just as all of you. I go through many things, I do not talk about. I have learned to lean solely upon the “Lord Jesus and GOD JEHOVAH”, putting complete faith and love in them alone. I am not here to brag, or say I am greater than anyone else; but I feel as though someone needs to hear my story about my faith.

In 2006 I was praying in a way which I experienced a deeper level of prayer for the first time. The Lord Jesus spoke to me revealing I needed to have my head covered while praying. I never questioned it was the Lord speaking; for I knew instantly it was.  I answered” what do I need to have my head covered with Lord”?

I turned on my t.v. to a gospel station and saw a minister with his wife selling Jewish Prayer Shawls. I ordered one for me and my daughter. This shawl took me into a deeper relationship with the Lord, as I prayed it brought me into his presence every time I would use it.

Next I received a gift of holy prayer language from the Lord as I prayed, again this was new to me for I was raised  in a church which was based upon old time belief’s that everything happened in Biblical days and not in our days. I had attended some Pentecostal churches, but I never really understood nor questioned anyone about their way of worship.

I longed for a very intimate relationship with the Lord: seeking my gifts even at the doors of heaven, the Lord Jesus heard and answered my prayers. But at the same time the enemy tried to deceive me in many ways. My first encounter with a demon was while I was mowing my yard, this I knew was a test or trial for me. I was singing a gospel song, when I heard in my spirit the enemy wants to try me. I knew this was so for I felt it as I was mowing.

The first encounter with a demon was next to the door of my mother-in-laws house on her front porch. She had gone to visit her sister in another state at that time. I searched around her whole place thinking a dog, or something foul was laying around. I smelled a strong filthy sent of a old man which had never bathed, chewing rotten tobacco and had walked through where a dog had messed, all at the same time.

This is the only way I can describe the smell, I perceived it was a demon. I then started rebuking it in the name of Jesus, as I cleansed her home with water I had prayed over to make it Holy, sprinkling it throughout her home.

The next time I encountered a demon was after I had prayed for a family member of my husband. I prayed to cast the demon out of them sending it back to where it came from. The next morning I heard a demon howl like a wild animal in front of my kitchen window letting me know the Lord had heard my prayer, even my husband heard it and ask me what it was, this is how we receive confirmation.

I will not tell of all I have went through, tho I would like to tell of how our Lord Jesus will always be by our side through every trial, not leaving us alone at any time. This is another example of how  I experienced a type of demon; there were three of them which came against me, making me feel very tired and weary needing to rest. I proceeded to lay upon my bed to rest, even though it was still in the morning hours around 9:30 to 10:00 Am. I was alone in my house, for my daughter was next door with her grandmother and my husband was at work. While I was laying there with my head upon my pillow; I began to hear whispers coming through my pillow at my right ear, I heard them say “we have her laying down, how can we get to her”? They tried to disguise themselves by using my daughter’s voice, a demon spoke to me in my thoughts, trying to make me believe I was paralyzed in my left side I knew this was a lie, for it was my right side which was feeling weak. I looked up seeing the word BELIEVE come into focus upon my ceiling, I immediately spoke saying get thee behind me satan,” as for me and my house I will serve the LORD JESUS and HIM only will I serve.” I started praising God through out my whole house.

This helps us to truly believe God is with us at all times. Tho the demon used my daughters voice trying to make me think I was paralyzed, God showed me it was all a lie because my daughter wasn’t home and I knew I was not alone for HE was with me, helping me overcome enemies which try to steal your mind and body. This is how my faith was strengthened, because I know from this experience of dealing with a demon, God will defeat them every time.

We can increase our faith by allowing the Lord to increase our trust in him. Luke 17:5  And the apostles said unto the LORD, Increase our faith. (King James Bible)  1 Corinthians 2:5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. (King James Bible)

Just supposed I had not listened to the voice of our Lord Jesus, who warned me what was coming. I may have a  different outlook on things, which had happened to me. I could have had some type of stoke, or something worse I could not have recovered from, just by listening to the deception which demons tried to speak over me. I will not be afraid because I stand firmly upon Promises in the word of God. I will continue to walk with his SPIRIT leading my steps every day until we are face to face. I love my LORD JESUS.

Now look at small faith in the Lord, what can happen. Jesus speaks about little faith:

Matthew 6:30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith.

Mark 8:26 And he said unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm. (King James Bible)

These people knew Jesus, walking with him daily, yet they had little faith in him for protection, or supplying for their needs. Even Peter, when he stepped out of the boat of safety, began to doubt and to be fearful. Jesus, had to take his hand pulling him out of the depths of the water. When placing our focus upon earth and not upon our Lord, our faith becomes weak. Because instead of trusting our Lord to provide for our needs, we think we can provide for ourselves.

God will try our faith and in so doing we grow stronger in HIM, and in knowing that all things are provided by him. We are just a member of HIS body; when we are in complete unity with HIM: letting HIM lead us through all things and giving our full focus upon HIM, and HIS Word to live the life that is pleasing to HIS will for Us. How strong is your faith? Do you fully trust in the LORD to provide and to heal you?

Are we walking in the SPIRIT OF GOD, fully completely committed to him and him alone? These questions only we can answer by searching our heart. We all have a level of faith, to start our walk with the Lord Jesus. We then must grow in our faith becoming more trusting in our Lord to provide for all our needs.

As I have stated, I do not like talking about myself. I am only a child of ” Lord Jesus”, and “GOD JEHOVAH.”  It is through them I want to encourage you to walk a closer walk with the Lord, growing stronger in faith. He is there waiting to walk with you, to teach you all things which helps us learn to grow stronger in our faith.

Take time to read the verses in the Bible to help you learn more about faith. I could not write all of them down. I tried to encourage you through my experiences of how to become stronger in faith. I wouldn’t  face anything alone without my Lord Jesus standing up fighting my battles for me.  I know satan is just here for a season; we will be delivered from his deception.

Love with our whole being, not just with our mouths. Worship the Lord fully giving all of ourselves to his SPIRIT; watch how he can overflow us in his love. Lean fully upon Lord Jesus, trust his loving arms are holding us close. Believe He is keeping us from any deception of demons, when this world tries to come into your heart or mind to  steal your peace or joy of the Lord.

Hold fast to that which the Lord has given you for he is fully holding all our needs in his hands.