Praying hands

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come in behalf of all women who are having difficulty with problems in their organs what ever it may be, Lord that your hand of healing be upon their organs to work properly according to thy will in their lives. I pray for the continue work of thy hand to guide their steps and flow in them a renewed freshness of thy Holy Spirit so they will walk in boldness and take great efforts to seek thy will for them.
I pray that in boldness they stand and receive of thee O LORD thy mighty Spirit of enlightenment for their hearts as they search it out and begin to see thy steps, thy heart and thy visions where You lead them. I pray for a great awakening upon their minds to hear your voice clearly as you speak to them. I pray for Your Glorious covering to open their heart who is lost to you Lord that they may be drawn into thy hands of righteous Love.
I pray for those who desire to have children Lord that their wombs be healed from all things that has tried to take from them the joy of becoming a parent. I pray that You Lord cover them in joy and peace as they come to you for all things.
I pray for the lost men to come into thy knowledge of love upon their hearts, that the organs of their bodies be made whole that all their testimonies will glory You Lord as it is done according to thy will. I pray for those you are calling home that they will be blessed with great peace of your angels around them. I pray Father that before those die who do not know you will seek for you while they still can.
I pray for all those who are homeless, and in need of guidance and shelter from storms that your hand of mercy be upon them. I pray for us to grow stronger in faith and endurance as You Lord lead us by thy Hand. I pray for Love to overshadow those who have hate that they may let it go and receive of You Lord thy Love. I pray for forgiveness Lord if at any time we have done any thing against your will that you would forgive us. I pray for thy covering to overshadow me all the days of my life, so I walk in thy Holy Spirit at all times. I pray for healing upon little children and for guidance upon their lives. I pray for comfort for all those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. In JESUS HOLY NAME AMEN.