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I Am the keeper of wisdom,
seek me and thou shalt live,
for I give wisdom of God
to all who come seeking His Will.

I Am the keeper of Truth,
live by My Word it shall feed thy
soul, nourish thy body, and rejoice
thy Spirit. Walk by My Truth it shall
remain in thy mouth.

I Am the keeper of thy feet,
thy thoughts, thy heart, for where
I lay My steps there your feet shall

I Am the keeper of thy thoughts, for
I place my thoughts in you.
As I write them down upon tables of thy mind,
in thy thoughts they are kept.
While you write them down in thy journal for all time.

Where I abide, I keep thy heart,
for in My Spirit you are kept from enemy’s lies.
I am the keeper of thy heart, mind, body and soul.
Who Am I?
I Am the Holy Spirit, I Am Jesus, I AM God.