Cross over and take the land,
I have given thee. Put on full armor
and stand unmoved as My battlefield
becomes filled with My prayer warriors.

Cross over and take the land from the hand
of thy enemy, see it clear in thy sight
move forward with power of My Hand
upon thee. For I Am anointing thy sight
to see.

Cross over and take thy stand
darkness will flee, all demons
will tremble at My Name.
Just speak it with Power of My
anointed oil upon thy head,
and they will flee from your presence.

LORD Jesus,
Help us to stand in boldness of thy word,
speaking with power to take back the land
you have given us. We must take it back in the
Spiritual realm while agreeing with Thy Will to be done
in earth as in Heaven. Help us see with anointed Spiritual
vision all the sights in which You are showing now to
your prophets, help them to rise up and give thy
warnings of Your soon coming back to gather thy bride.
Overshadow us in thy Holy Spirit as we seek thee in all things.
We pray for pure hearts to see, pure hearing to hear all things
spoken unto us from Thy Holy Spirit Amen.