Walk in the Spirit of the Lord, hear oh ye all who have ears to hear. Today remove all distractions away from thy sight, and hear with clarity what the Lord is saying.
Pick up thy shield of faith, put on thy robe of righteous raiment, for soon I shall appear in the clouds coming in like manner, to bring my judgment upon this land.

Today is the day in which you must seek my face to hear what my Spirit is saying to you, for I Am is bringing in the wheat from the chaff and is gathering His lost ones in this last days. Soon I will appear and all must be ready to receive Me.

I say again be ye therefore filled with oil in thy lamps, look out across this land and behold the evil which is coming, be not deceived by the delusions of the beast as he proclaims I have delayed my coming, for I have not delayed neither have I put off what will be in my judgment across this land. I will rise up in my wrath to destroy the evil and satan with all demons into the bottomless pit.

Know I the Lord have spoken this with great anointing upon the eyes to see, and the ears to hear all I have spoken. Look not to man for understanding of My Words but look to me, for I will bring it to pass.
Behold I stand at the door and knock if any man will open his door I will come in and sup with you.

I am looking for a holy people to hear my voice, to put on raiment of righteousness, and wear a crown of glory as I clothe them in my righteousness. I will come unto them quickly and they shall arise up out of the earth to be caught up into the air with Me. Do not look at the fleshly ways of man, nor feed thy mind with fools bread, for in it is death.
O come out of babylon, be not deceived by her dainties, do not accept all she has to offer, for her kingdom is coming to an end quickly. The beast is upon the earth in many forms of false prophets, he walks in shadows among the church pews, he tells them I Am not coming back, wait upon the days farther in the future to become saved. Hear I Am returning soon, I Am the Savior in which you must be saved, Gather thy oil into thy lamps now while there is still time, shortly this word will come to pass.

Word of the Lord given to me on this day 6-8-016.
Heed the Word of The LORD JESUS.